Collection Assembly Points
  1. St Thomas Primary
  2. Kohimarama Primary
  3. St Joseph Primary
  4. Orakei School
Assembly & Pickup
  1. St Thomas’s - At 3:00pm assemble outside Room 11, on the field. (behind green transformer box).
  2. Kohimarama - At 3:15pm the Van collects all children inside the main gate.
  3. St Josephs - At 3pm the Van collects children waiting outside classrooms (along seating) in the school grounds.
  4. Orakei - At 3pm the Van collects children at the bus stop outside the School Office. On wet days, wait in the School Office Foyer.
  • Daily Pick-up in the van is an extra $2.00 per child per pick-up.
 After School Club Daily Routine

Monday – Friday: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Held in Clubrooms (near Fitness Gym at right rear of Stadium)

Roll Call
3.45pm Afternoon Tea
Sports Games / Homework / Board Games / Arts & Crafts / Colouring
4:45 – 6:00pm
Free play: Continuation of the 4pm events or Stadium sports, Outdoor sports, Computer, Wii, Wordfinds, Sudoku, Playstation & Movies
 1 Child
 2 Children
 3 Children
 3:00pm – 6:00pm
1 Child
+ Van Ride
2 Children
+ Van Ride
 2 Children
+ Van Ride
3:00pm – 6:00pm
Attendance Policy


To implement an After-School Programme that is professional and provides a safe and caring environment for the Children.


To create a permanent booking system for the After-School Club to cover both the Child, Parents’ and Supervisor’s responsibilities and to alleviate safety concerns regarding your Child/ren.  Please see the supervisor if you wish to view our Policies and Procedures booklet.  It contains detailed information on health & safety, making complaints, employment policies, etc.


  1. Booking: Children must be permanently booked into the programme to secure a position.
  2. Absences: If your Child/ren is going to be absent, please notify the Stadium on 521-0009: Marilyn extn 0 / Feleti extn 3 prior to 12:00pm on the day of attendance.  If no reply, please leave a message on the answer phone.
  3. Collecting Your Child: If a person arrives to collect your child whose name is not on your enrolment form, then we are obliged (for your child’s safety) to keep your child in our care until you have been located for consent.  To save embarrassment for all concerned, we would appreciate prior notification from you on this matter.  Please remember that the programme closes at 6pm.
  4. Signing Your Child In & Out: Each day when you collect your child, it is essential that you sign your child out in the Daily Attendance Sheet, by the entrance to the after school room.  We need to know that your child has gone home safely.  On full day programmes, you will also have to sign your child in.
  5. Late Fee: Children MUST be picked up by 6:00pm or else a substantial “Late Fee” will be incurred.
  6. Payment: Fees must be paid at the conclusion of each week’s attendance unless other acceptable arrangements have been agreed to with the Supervisor. In the event of non-payment of fees, you may be requested to withdraw your Child/ren from the programme.
  7. Withdrawal: We would appreciate two weeks’ notice if you wish to alter the days your child/ren is attending or if withdrawing your child/ren from the Club.
  8. Behaviour Management: We use behaviour management techniques that encourage positive self esteem development.  It is our goal to ensure that children and families experience an enviroment where they are safe, secure, respected and their dignity is protected.  This is done through the use of positive reinforcement and a stimulating and varied programme to ensure against boredom.  Every effort will be made to help your child settle into the programme.  However, if a child’s behaviour is consistently harmful to other children, parents will be asked to remove him / her from the programme.  
  9. Child Safety: The programme has a detailed child protection policy, which includes the reporting of any suspected child abuse to the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services. (CYFS)
  10. Complaints: The programme has a complaints procedure.  If you have any problems please approach the Supervisor, Coordinator or if necessary, a member of the Management Committee and they will be happy to assist you with your concerns.
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